We are a social network based in the UK providing a modern social experience with privacy in mind. We are not sponsored by any government or organisations. This website is online because why not make your own social network just for fun? This site has been running since 2015 and has changed around 50 times. We use OpenSource-SocialNetwork.org a free open source social media management panel and website CMS.  I made this website just for fun and welcome you to join and use my services without your data being sold to 3rd parties and if you are looking for military-grade communications i made a chat and calls system with military-grade encryption end to end encryption like whats app and telegram the site is szSocial.xyz feel free to join and use my server for secure civilised communications.

We believe at szSocial in freedom of information and the freedom to post theories and conspiracies in the name of freedom and freedom of thought, we encourage knowledge sharing and in general the freedom of all information within reason and logic.


szSocial Media is an independent website owned and ran by a hosting and SEO expert who has a passion for knowledge and information that can help the world be a better and more informed place.