5G and Coronavirus Exposed by ex Vodafone Boss

Vodafone 5G Coronavirus insider leaks information to the world. Is this true? 8 months ago

Zero Administrator This is stuck to the 5G death tower mast picture in this post. pictures from 28-03-2020 UK new 5G mast.

Zero Administrator

Dianne Fincham This video has been shared many times on facebook, and its always being taken down! That just confirms the amount of truth in it!

Dianne Fincham Is there a way to share this video with out it giving everyone my account? I just tried and it takes people straight in to my signed in account. But I would like to share this with a few people

Hugh Man We can't see what the notice says in the first photo. Can you upload full size for viewing pkease?

Zero Administrator Sorry been busy stopping attacks to the website. If you right click open image in new tab it should make it easier to view. Will try find a fix for image viewing accessibility asap. To share the video just copy and paste the link for the video's page. You can send it in a private message what's app etc. You can also download and share too 😊